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Financing for all: personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Through the following lines, you can find a quick and effective solution to your financial problems, since in Bonsai Finance you can request loans with Financial Credit Institutions, even if your data appears in said file of defaulters.

The traditional banks, due to the policy they carry out, do not grant credit to those people who are on lists of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institutions. In many cases, this situation can be unfair, since a person can be registered in this type of list for multiple reasons: conflicts with telephone companies for abusive rates, light receipts paid at the wrong time, etc. Even, it is very frequent for a person to pay finally to pay his debt and continue appearing in said file as a defaulter.

At Bonsai Finance we understand that this kind of situation can happen to anybody and we give you the opportunity to request a personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions so that you can face any type of economic unforeseen event. In fact, at Bonsai Finance you will find an online entity that responds to your economic needs in the fastest and most convenient way. You will have the number you request instantly. With a minimum of procedures and without annoying waiting, since we understand that the requests of our clients require promptness.

Personal loans with Financial Credit Institutions: Requirements

Here are the simple conditions that you must fulfill in order for us to grant you your personal credit with Financial Credit Institutions and solvents your financial problems:

– Be of legal age To apply for a quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions, you must be between 18 and 65 years old.

– Be in Spain as a resident. Whether you are a native or foreigner, your place of residence must be within Spanish territory.

– Have a current account in your name to enter the amount established, once your loan application with Financial Credit Institutions has been approved by our team.

– Have a periodic income. Depending on the amount you request, your main source of income may be a payroll, an unemployment benefit, a pension, etc.

– Have email or phone. This requirement is, simply, so that we can establish contact with you.

If you meet these simple requirements, you will only have to set the conditions of your personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions and indicate the amount, which may be a maximum of 800 euros (300 euros, in case you are a new client); and a return period, which may not be extended beyond 6 weeks. Then, you just have to fill in your personal information and send the request.

Bonsai money will make the relevant checks quickly and, once your application is accepted, you will have the money in your bank account in just 15 minutes. With total transparency regarding the repayment conditions of your personal loan with Financial Credit Institutions.

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