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Loan reform Yoabank

The Yoabank reform loan offers you from € 6000 to € 60,000 to repay in a period of between 12 and 96 months to carry out the necessary reforms and works in your home.

This loan puts at your reach up to 60,000 € from 6.95% TIN to reform your house thanks to Yoabank.

You are interested if

You are thinking about carrying out a reform in your home and you need money to make it a reality. Especially indicated if the reforms to be carried out are urgent, since the procedures of this loan are very fast to carry out. The process is completely online and you will quickly know if you have been accepted.


Key points

Short description The credit reform of Yoabank has been created to help you carry out that work that you have been wanting to do in your home for so long. You can get from € 6000 to € 60,000 and you can return it within a period of between 12 and 96 months. The application and acceptance is completely online and you will not need to change banks to access this financing.
Limits and deadlines This loan reform has been created so that it can adjust to your needs, whatever they may be. That is why there is such a wide range of possibilities in quantity and term.

The amounts you can request will go from € 6000 to € 60,000. If you request € 10,000 or less, the maximum loan duration will be 60 months (5 years). However, for higher amounts the limit will increase up to 96 months (8 years) .

Acceptance times The loan reform of Yoabank is managed very quickly. In a very short time you will be able to receive the answer of the company accepting your credit. In case you have been accepted, within a period of 48 you will be able to receive the money in your bank account, depending on the entity to which you are assigned.
TAE The APR of this loan is variable depending on the amount and term you have chosen for your credit. The APR will be between 7.18% and 10.36%. In the same way, the TIN will also vary, which may vary between 5.95% and 9.90%. There is no doubt that these are very competitive costs compared to other similar products that we can find in the market.
How to hire it The Yoabank loan to carry out your reforms can be contracted through its website. You will only need to fill in the form that the company puts at your disposal. But in addition to this option you have the possibility to make the request by phone in working days.
Main requirements Some of the requirements that Yoabank asks its clients to be able to apply for the loan are: be of legal age, have a stable and demonstrable source of income, reside in Spain with an identity document that can corroborate and not have debts for other loans.

 Yoabank reform loan: information about the product

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Main features

To apply for your loan reform of Yoabank you do not need to change banks. You can complete the entire application online and you will not need a payroll to access this funding.

You can order from € 6000 to € 60,000 to carry out a renovation in your home or change the furniture. This loan has been designed to carry out all kinds of reforms, and it is indifferent if you do it, a self-employed person or a company.

Depending on the amount of money you request you can have a return period or another. For those requesting less than € 10,000, the company establishes a maximum period of 60 months (5 years). While for those requesting more than € 10,000, the maximum term will reach the limit of 96 months (8 years).

How does it work?

Requesting the loan reform of Yoabank is very simple. You only need to visit the lender’s website and fill out a form. The company will contact you to respond to your request almost immediately, and you can have the money entered into your account in a very short time.


The loan reform of Yoabank is an excellent option to take into account if you are facing the need to carry out a reform in your home. It does not matter if it is a small remodeling in a single area of ​​the house or if it is a big reform: the amount that you can request will be adjusted to both situations.

In addition, the interests proposed by this loan are very interesting to be a personal online loan for the purpose of a work. Of course, it is an option to take into account whenever you need to make a reform. Without a doubt, Yoabank is a company that you can trust whenever you want to obtain the financing you need quickly and safely.

The company: Yoabank

Yoabank is a leading company in the fast loans sector for decades. His years of service have made it one of the best known companies in the sector. However, now it is very focused on online loans, like this Reforma and Hogar loan we are talking about. It is a company that is characterized by its speed and good practices, and does not leave indifferent to its customers, who value it as one of the most reliable companies in the sector.

Corporate Council

The Yoabank reform loan has been thought for you, if you are looking for financing to carry out a reform in your home. If you need money for a small bathroom renovation, or to completely remodel the house, Yoabank offers you up to € 60,000 for you to occupy in the part of your house that you prefer. There is no doubt that both terms and interests are very competitive for the sector, and Yoabank is a serious company with a long track record of years, without any doubt will do everything on your part to make your experience as satisfactory as possible .

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