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Mini-installments CashMan

CashMan mini-installments offer you a wide range of possibilities so that you can optimally request extra money and different alternatives to face the payment.

With CashMan installments mini-credits you can get up to € 400 if you are a new customer or up to € 1200 if you are already a customer (from the fifth application).

You are interested if

You need money urgently for any reason, do not mind paying a little more but having a longer term to repay your loan. CashMan offers a convenient system adapted to its customers so they can pay with peace of mind.


Key points

Short description CashMan, unlike other financial systems that offer credit via   online, it is characterized by offering higher amounts than usual and presenting a system for returning monthly installments to make it easier for the client to return the money.

Its philosophy is based on taking care of customers and helping them at all times to resolve unexpected situations such as a breakdown or a fine that could negatively affect family accounts and deposits .

Limits and deadlines CashMan is probably the brand that gives you the most flexibility when requesting a mini-credit but, above all, to return it.

It is true that, if you agree for the first time and want to request a mini-credit, the maximum of this will be € 400 and you will have 62 days to return it, with a daily rate of 1.1% APR. That is, with this you can see that its advantages are for customers who have been with them for a while, however, from the first moment you can enjoy a long return period.

Once you have passed this so-called Start level, a second phase called the Takeoff level will begin, which presents the same return deadlines but the economic amount to be requested can increase up to € 500.

With the following mode, Ascent, the sum will go from € 500 to € 700 and your interest will begin to fall.

Finally, you can access the Turbo and Superturbo levels in which the customer can benefit from an excellent improvement: you can request, at the Turbo level, € 900 and the other € 1200   and it will have, on the one hand, 3 months to return it and with the broadest one, 4. You should consult, yes, what are the improvements of the interests that you will receive in each case according to the options you choose .

Acceptance times Once you meet the requirements you can benefit from a quick and effective loan in just 15 minutes. In addition, you can request it through any device with Internet.
TAE Depending on the phase in which you are and depending on the amount you can increase the money you can request, the time to return it and a reduction in the interest that can be paid.   lower of 1.1% daily TAE up to 0.55%.
How to hire it Once you meet the requirements and have successfully requested to apply for your first mini credit you must go online to start your application, you will enter the programs that CashMan has prepared for their clients.

There are five different phases in which the beneficiary will increase in category, until reaching the maximum and, therefore, receive a large number of benefits .

Main requirements To apply for a CashMan installment mini-credit you must be of legal age, have Spanish residence and have an economic status that allows you to return the money. It is true that they do not ask for payroll or take into account the ASNEF. However, being able to request large amounts of money, you must know what you are going to face later.

CashMan: how is it?

By being aware that, in some moments, you may see yourself in a complicated situation and an unexpected economic unexpected may arise, they offer you the possibility of having a broad repayment period in which you feel safe.

Advantages and disadvantages of CashMan

Its biggest disadvantage is that it is a credit that you have to know yes or yes from the first moment that you will have all the necessary resources to return it. If you do not, you risk paying large interest rates that will continue to increase as time passes and you risk entering a list of defaulters.

One of the disadvantages   CashMan is that by offering large amounts of money, interest and commissions can be very high and if you do not meet the deadlines (you can request an extension) you will end up appearing on a list of defaulters.

However, obviating this fact, you can enjoy the tranquility of a company that trusts you and offers you the possibility of returning in monthly installments the money you owe

Operation: How to request this mini-credit?

It is true that they do not require payroll, which supposes a great confidence in the clients and also, as they want to continue with them and request more loans, you will obtain great advantages as gratitude when seeing that this trust is mutual.

The request is made quickly   and simple, you can request your credit in 10 minutes, receive a positive or negative response in just 1, and then, if everything went well, you will have 15 minutes in your account.

Important conclusions

CashMan are aware that some expenses represent more money than others and that is why it is the only company that offers   a credit of € 1200 so you can feel more liberated.

The company: CashMan

CashMan is a FinTech (financial technology) company with headquarters in Spain. Its main objective is to bring the microfinance market closer to make it simpler, more accessible and more transparent. They seek to solve the short-term economic needs of their clients, for this they offer quick mini-credits thanks to a fully automated and clear process. Thanks to their risk software, they are able to respond to requests for money in a matter of seconds.


If you want to apply for this type of loan, you must take into account both its advantages and its disadvantages and know that you will be able to commit 100% as they do with you. It’s true, it’s not a credit   that should be asked if your problem does not demand it.

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