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The TongaBank mini-loan   It is the ideal solution to face those unforeseen events that sometimes appear in the most unexpected moments.

With the TongaBank minicréditos you can get your first mini-credit of up to € 300 completely free if you reimburse within 15 days .

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The billing expenses of your home have increased this month or the money for your children’s school supplies has fallen short or for any other question of a similar nature, this way of obtaining money could benefit you pleasantly.


Key points

Short description TongaBank is a mini-credit system that helps you easily solve your unexpected problems. Based on transparency and trust between the entity and the client, it offers up to 300 euros on your first loan. In addition, it allows you the opportunity to return it in 15 days and so it comes out free.

For these reasons, it is a good option if you want to feel safe when requesting money to pay for your expenses.

This loan is very transparent because:

– You will know from the minute one the cost of the loan that you are going to receive.

– You can freely choose when to pay your loan. You will have a period of 60 days after the established date.

– The first time you will have a maximum limit of € 300 to apply, but then this will increase to € 700.

– They can not be used to pay other credits.

Limits and deadlines If it is the first time that you request it, you must be clear that the limit of the money that you can request is 300 euros, which you can recover if you reimburse them in 15 days. That is, you can get a free mini-credit for free.

Obviating this promotional offer, you will have a period of 60 days to return them from the moment you accept and receive the credit. If you are already a customer, the maximum to request increases up to € 700.

Information to be taken into account: TongaBank offers you the possibility to extend the payment of your credit up to 30 days if you request one day before the expiration date

Acceptance times Using the online service you will get it immediately and you will receive the money in 15 minutes.
TAE If you reimburse during the first 15 days you will not have to pay TAE tax or interest. If you pay the amount between days 16 and 45 you will be charged 0.99% daily interest, which will then be increased to 1.25%.
How to hire it Well hire it both from the website and by phone in an easy and fast way.
Main requirements One of its biggest advantages is that to apply for this loan you will not need a guarantee. You are only required to reside in Spain , be of legal age, have a bank account in the name of TongaBank and receive monthly income for having a payroll, an unemployment benefit, a salary as self-employed or retirement.

TongaBank mini-loan: the product

Main characteristics of the mini-loan

Main characteristics of the mini-loan

The TongaBank mini-loan is a service that offers you the possibility of receiving, in just 15 minutes after acceptance, an economic bonus to be able to deal with various financial problems that have arisen.

Advantages – disadvantages of this loan

Advantages - disadvantages of this loan

Whether you are a new customer or not, there are certain advantages that you can benefit from. For example, you will not pay any interest if you return the loan in the first 15 days after your contract. What’s more, if it’s your first loan and you meet this deadline, all the money paid will be returned to you.

You will have a flexible period of 60 days to be able to make the payment freely, and you can also postpone it another 30 days if necessary by notifying one day before the end of the delivery period. Of course, the longer you delay in returning it, the more interest will logically increase.

If you are a regular customer and have already used this financial method, you can obtain great advantages, such as discounts ranging from 10 to 20%.

Perhaps, the main disadvantage of TongaBank is that it does not confirm 100% that you are going to receive a loan even if you meet the basic requirements, because they have to evaluate all the influx of clients they have and decide which ones to repay the loan. safe way.

It is true that we must bear in mind that it is not designed as a long-term loan; if you want this, costs can go up

Conclusions and interest

Conclusions and interest

If you meet the basic requirements (adult, monthly income, have a bank account in the name of TongaBank and reside in Spain) we will begin to evaluate whether or not you meet the necessary characteristics to be able to repay the loan.

With the online service, you can request your loan at any time of the day, and on any device with Internet you can easily access the documents that you are required to fill out. Then you will know the different ways to pay the money and the options to pay in advance and save part of the income.

In short, if you want a loan quickly and you’re sure you can face it, Wango   it is an option to be taken into account due to the number of advantages that they offer within the sector of financial mini-credits.

The company: TongaBank

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It is a financial technology company that was born in London in 2007 with ample solvency in the financial world, being the first company that was established worldwide in quick loans.

All this information, as well as the total costs of your credit, you will know from the first moment because what defines TongaBank is the   transparency and flexibility. With these elements, we make sure that we treat our clients with affection and fidelize them.

Our Expert advice 

You can directly access this mini-credit and get the advantages that this loan offers at the moment. Contact us if you have any questions.

To conclude, you must take into account that, although it is an accessible online service that allows you to get away from bureaucratic procedures and the requirement of having a guarantee. Thanks to the advantages of the TongaBank mini loan, you will be able to know from the minute one what is the amount of money that you have to pay and so you will know the answer to this question.